We provide for children from babyhood up to the age of 11 years with a comprehensive range of educational and recreational facilities.

A wide variety of imaginative instruments are employed to ensure that children in specifically delineated age-groups are productively-challenged and gainfully-enlightened from babyhood to primary school. At Nouveau, your children will learn to excel.

Crèche/Playschool:     8 am. – 1.00 pm.      Monday – Friday.

Primary School:           8 am. – 2.00 pm.      Monday – Friday.

After-school:                1 pm. – 6.00 pm.       Monday – Friday.

Kids’ Club                     1 pm. – 6 pm.             Sundays – Fridays.

                                       9 am. – 6 pm.             Saturdays.

                                       9 am. – 6 pm.             Monday – Saturdays (All Holidays).

Fees must be paid in advance by bank cheque/draft in favour of Nouveau Schools Limited.  Fees have to be paid even when you travel, otherwise we cannot guarantee a place will be retained for your child.  Once paid, fees are not refunded.

Younger children come to Nouveau wearing practical clothes.  Children from 3 years and above are required to wear the school uniform.