Code of Conduct


1.     Nouveau staff must follow precisely the approved curriculum for each nursery or class.

2.     The curriculum for every section will be subject to periodic review by Head Office in conjunction with staff-members.

3.     The curriculum for each section must always be available for inspection by parents and will provide the basis of our periodic reports to them.


4.     “Queen’s English” is the only permissible official language at Nouveau.

5.     All Nouveau staffers must undertake to teach our children to speak proper English.

6.     No slang is allowed to be spoken by staffers and to Nouveau children.

7.     It is strictly forbidden for Nouveau staff to speak Pidgin English and Nigerian languages anywhere on our premises, except in the Language Lab and Primary School language classes.


8.     Nouveau staff must wash and sanitize their hands regularly and also school our children to do likewise.

9.     Nouveau staff must keep our premises in antiseptic condition.

10.  Nouveau staff must keep the toilets clean at all times.  There must be no stains in the toilet-bowls.

11.  Nouveau nannies must provide toilet-training for all our two-year-old children.  Older children should be taught to use the toilet without supervision.

12.  Each baby in Nouveau nurseries must be assigned a specifically identifiable cot.  Babies should not share cots.

13.  All Nouveau toys must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

14.  The playground equipment must be subject to regular cleaning and disinfecting.


15.  All Nouveau children must always be under close supervision by Nouveau staff at all times.  It is the responsibility of our staff to ensure that all our rooms and playgrounds are effectively child-proofed.

16.  Every accident must be logged in the Incident Log and reported to Head Office.

17.  Relevant Nouveau staffers will be held responsible for any accidents.  No excuses whatsoever will be entertained.

18.  Sick children must not be accepted in Nouveau from parents.

19.  All sicknesses that develop or become noticeable while children are in our care must be fastidiously documented in the Incident Log.

20.  No smoking is allowed anywhere in Nouveau.


21.  It is the responsibility of all Nouveau staff to encourage our children to be confident, independent and to develop their self-esteem.

22. Nouveau staff must encourage our children to build on their natural curiosity as learners, develop their language and mathematical skills, use their imagination and develop their social relationships.

23.  Nouveau staff cannot abuse our children verbally or psychologically.  It is strictly forbidden for staff to shout at any child.

24.  Under no circumstances can Nouveau children be spanked or beaten by staff.  Notwithstanding, children should be discouraged from throwing tantrums.

25. Nouveau staff should teach our children good manners and habits.  Foul language by staffers and children is strictly forbidden.

26.  Criminal prosecution will be instituted against any staffer guilty of any form of sexual abuse of our children.

27.  Nouveau toys, playthings and books are not for decoration.  They must be employed by Nouveau staff as lesson-aids and to inspire our children.

28.  Staffers must engage the younger children on a daily systematic basis to develop their motor skills.


29.  Nouveau staff will be held accountable for toys, playthings, books and other details in their section.

30.  If anything gets missing or damaged, staff will be held responsible and might have to pay for the repair or replacement.


40.  All staff must be properly and decently dressed.

41.  All staff-members, except for the teachers and security detail, must wear the regulation Nouveau t-shirt for easy identification by parents.

42.  There will be training programs for all Nouveau staff one Saturday morning every month.

43.  All Nouveau staff must see themselves as teachers, including nannies who are also required to impart values to babies.  In this regard, songs, dances, riddles, films, picture-books and games should be productively employed.

44.  Negligence or gross negligence by staff in the performance of assigned duties will not be tolerated.

45.  All children must be read to, whether they seem to understand or not.

46.  Nouveau babies should not be allowed to sleep on baby-carriers.  If they fall asleep on them, they should be promptly transferred to cots.

47.  It is the responsibility of all Nouveau nannies to ensure that all our children are potty-trained.

48.  All Nouveau staff must treat our children with the utmost respect.

49.  Nouveau staff are not allowed to take unauthorized photos or videos of our children.

50.  Negative reports of staff by Nouveau children will be taken very seriously.  Staff contradictions of such reports will not be entertained.


31.  Theft or unauthorized removal of Nouveau property by our staffers will lead to dismissal and criminal prosecution.

32.  Nouveau staff must not report to work under the influence of, or in possession of, alcoholic beverages or controlled/illegal substances.

33. Three disciplinary strikes against a staff-member will lead to dismissal.  However, in extraordinary cases, the offending staff-member can be summarily dismissed.

34.  Staff recruitment of parental intervention in disciplinary cases will not be entertained.

35.  No shouting by staffers will be tolerated in Nouveau.  Any staff-member that engages in threatening behaviour will be summarily dismissed.

36.  Nouveau staffers are not allowed to answer or make phone-calls during working hours, unless the call is from Head Office.  Phone-numbers of staffers should not be given to parents, who should be advised to direct all their inquiries to Head Office.

37.  Staffers are not allowed to eat the children’s food or take their drinks.

38.  Staffers are strictly forbidden to ask parents or children for gifts.

39.  Under no circumstances should Nouveau staff use the children’s toilets.


51.  All crèche staff are required to establish good and cordial relationships with all Nouveau parents.

52.  The parent is always right.  Difficult cases are not to be handled by staff but should be directed to Head Office.

53.  Once a negative report is brought by a Nouveau parent concerning a member of staff, a disciplinary strike will be put automatically on the staffer’s record.

54.  Nouveau staff are not allowed to receive gifts from Nouveau parents.

55.  Nouveau staff are not allowed to engage in after-hours employment with Nouveau parents.  Contravention of this code will lead to dismissal.


59.  Late arrival at work by Nouveau staff will not be tolerated.

60.  Nouveau staff cannot be absent from work without permission, neither can they leave work during work-hours without permission.

61.  Sleeping on the job will not be tolerated.

62.  Staffers prepared to work once-a-week till 9 p.m. will be paid a premium monthly fee.


56.  Quarrels and fights among Nouveau staff-members will not be tolerated.

57.  Those who cannot get along with others will be asked to leave.

58.  There is absolutely no room for “staff-politics” in Nouveau.  Contravention of this code will lead to summary dismissal.


63.  CCTV cameras will be on in Nouveau 24/7.

64.  CCTV recordings will be examined and studied by detailed staff every 24 hours.

65.  Nouveau staffers must only release children to those officially delegated by their parents and registered at Head Office.

66.  All classrooms must be locked and safeguarded after school.

67.  Nouveau security guards are not to talk to, or interact with, Nouveau children.

68.  Nouveau security guards must not touch the children except in cases of emergency.

69.  Nouveau security guards are strictly forbidden to use their telephones during work-hours, except to answer calls from Head Office or under strictly exceptional circumstances.

70.  Nouveau security guards must not interfere or tamper with the CCTV cameras.  The cameras can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time through the internet.