Extra-Curricular Activities

Arts and Crafts

Nouveau arts and crafts classes are a delight for kids and parents.  Our selection of art projects is age appropriate and includes DIY activities, drawing and painting, and decoration ideas designed to fire up the imagination of our children and prepare them to be young artists, future artisanal book-makers and potential puppeteers.

There is a definitional construct to all children: they are highly imaginative.  At Nouveau, we love to refer to our children as “the imaginatives.”


We don’t have to convince parents: children simply love ballet.  It nurtures their self-confidence.  It teaches them to concentrate and be focused.  It strengthens them physically and does their body a world of good.  It also promotes their knowledge of other cultures and makes them bond with each other.  And then, of course, ballet is so much fun.

Board games

Children must be taught to think.  Indeed, the main purpose of education is to teach children to think.  A thinking child is a learning child.  Some board games require them to do just that: think their way out of tricky situations.  Scrabble increases their word wealth, while also making them strategize.  Chess also calls for strategies.  Furthermore, it makes them think several steps in advance.

Book Club

Nothing enriches a child’s life as much as books.  Through books, a whole new world is opened to children.  Books are going out of fashion, but not at Nouveau.  We encourage our children to be voracious readers.  Our book club promotes this.

Children are read to and read to one another.  They also engage in discussions about what they read.  They are able to borrow wonderful books from our ever-growing children’s book library.


When we are cooking with children, we are not just preparing dishes; we are teaching science in action.  We are laying down for them foundations in Basic Mathematics, in reading and in time-telling skills.  We are encouraging in them healthy food choices.  We are building up their confidence and creativity.  We are enhancing their communication skills and deepening their connections with others.  We are also making them independent.


Dance is a language or means of communication children need to learn.  Those who do discover a fun-filled source of exercise that controls obesity and helps in maintaining a balanced lifestyle. There is clinically significant evidence that children who participate actively in the performing arts are at less of a risk of developing health problems.

Through dance, children develop a greater range of movement whilst developing the ability to work within different spaces. They learn to interpret the effect their movement has on the world around them. Dancing also improves a child’s coordination, especially at a time when they are rapidly developing in an ever-changing and evolving environment.


Nigeria is an Anglophone country in a sea of Francophone countries.  This makes the ability to speak French a vital resource.  Learning languages is easy for children, therefore, it is imperative to start them young in foreign languages.  Our children are not just taught book French; they are taught to speak French.  Our teachers are Francophone.


At Nouveau, we are proud of our Music Academy which accommodates both children and adults.  We have seasoned professionals who teach playing the piano, guitar, violin, drums, trumpet, saxophone, talking-drum, conga, clarinet, recorder, ukulele, and other musical instruments of choice.

We specialize in all kinds of music, including classical music, contemporary music, rock music, and jazz.  Children also receive music theory lessons from Grade 1 to 8.  Nouveau students qualify to take professional music exams, including the London ABRSM exams, Trinity College exams and the MUSON exams.


Martial arts training is not the bastardization seen on television.  Taekwondo is based on non-violence.  It encompasses not just the physical aspects of the “sport,” but mental and emotional training as well.  It builds self-confidence and self-esteem in children, as well as self-discipline, concentration, respect, and courtesy.  Your child will learn valuable life lessons from this sport that will stand him in good stead throughout life.