A small snack, food and drink could be brought from home. Alternatively, you could opt for the school lunch which is N25,000 a month. Below is our menu which also accommodates the vegetarian palate:

MONDAY:                Pizza Vegetarian, Pizza Extravaganza & Pizza Margarita. Watermelon; Ribena

TUESDAY:                Chicken Chow Mein & Egg Salad. Apples; Water

WEDNESDAY:         Fried Rice, Fried Plaintain & Chicken. Oranges/Tangerines; Chivita

THURSDAY:            Macaroni Cheese with Chicken & Salad Bananas/Pears; Water

FRIDAY:                    Fried Potatoes, Omelets, Baked Beans & Salad. Pineapples; Capri-Sonne

OPTIONAL               Moinmoin, Fried Plaintain & Fish. Eba, Egusi Soup & Beef. Beans, Fried Plaintain & Beef